Uusikuu celebrate their sweet sixteen in November 2022 with their fifth album "Karuselli" and light 16 candles on their birthday cake. Since the conception of the world music ensemble in 2006, its founding members Laura Ryhänen, Mikko Kuisma and Norbert Bremes have been on a mission to breathe new life into the traditional Finnish tango. Today, the ensemble's line-up includes James Geier on guitar and Florian Dohrmann on double bass. In 2022, the band was nominated for the German world music prize "Eiserner Eversteiner".

On "Karuselli", they remind us that life goes around like a fairground carousel. Sadness follows joy, hopeless love dances with ecstasy and loneliness holds hands with intimate togetherness. They move between tango, waltz, foxtrot and swing, not to forget jenkka, which is a fun dance and rhythm so far rather unknown outside of Finland. So, instead of "tango nuevo", it's "jenkka nuevo"!

With their skillful mixture of fiery tangos, dreamy waltzes, cheeky jenkkas, funny humppas and light-footed swing sounds, Uusikuu once again invite their listeners to join them on the ride, to let all colours of life melt in to a melange of emotions. Before the album comes out on 4 November, two singles are released in the autumn of 2022. First is Sininen satu, a rare tango by Unto Mononen, Finnish tango composer of cult fame. The song was recorded in 1953 by Matti Louhivuori - 69 years later it's time to take this hidden gem out again! Hop on! Join the karuselli!